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UK Loan News - October 2005

Welcome to our news archive for October 2005.

  • OFT To Investigate PPI - As more and more of us turn to personal loans to fund anything from a new car to debt consolidation there will naturally be concern among consumers regarding how they would continue to make loan repayments if their circumstances changed unexpectedly.
  • Energy Efficiency Could Add Value To Your Property - There is been a dramatic rise in knowledge and demand for energy efficiency in recent years. The arguments for making your home more energy efficient have centred around saving money on your fuel bills and protecting the environment.
  • Mortgage Rate Changes - Most who have been sitting around waiting for the Bank of England to drop the interest rate, which is being predicted, there has been a bit of a surprise coming from the way of those who borrow the money
  • Fall In First Time Buyers - News article informing us of the changes in the home buyers market for first time buyers. With prices increasing it comes as no surprise that the amount of first time buyers starting out on the property ladder is falling.
  • Location - That seems to be the one important factor when it comes to us buying a new home and with house prices currently being mostly based on the postcode that they hold
  • Loans For Unemployed - I know what it is like as I have been there myself, I’m talking about unemployment and how it can be a troublesome time, which only cause money worries and stress, because of the lack of finance available to you, to try and get you back on the right footing.


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