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Location, location, location.

That seems to be the one important factor when it comes to us buying a new home and with house prices currently being mostly based on the postcode that they hold, as property prices are scaled on where in the country or which part of the city or towns were you wish to live.

With a property in a less desirable district costing thousands of pounds less, than one a mile down the road, which is considered a better area, even though they are the same size and of similar appearance.

Location brings other factors with it, such as how far you are from the nearest shop; these were some of the questions put to the public by and they found in they’re results that 40% of those asked, when they were looking at a location for a new home that a shop had to be within a mile of their new property, as public transport links, their place of work and other amenities were also a priority to them, though a supermarket was only regarded as a major factor, if one was outside a four and a half mile radius.

With buses and trains coming in at 36% of the publics priorities, in having them within a distance of two miles from their new home, it is hardly any wonder that the homes within our bib cities are beginning to be more and more expensive to buy, as they have all the amenities are close to work and have all the night life and culture that you need, so the prices are not changing their minds on what they are having to pay, to live were they want to.

With the more the housing market in our cities become sought after, the more the prices that people who are selling, wish to make from their property, then those who want that house will find the necessary funds to meet the asking price, just to have the location they need to be seen living in.



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