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Finance available to UK resident through the National Bank of Dubai

In a recent announcement the National Bank of Dubai announced that it will now be offering finance to eligible consumers in the UK who wish to purchase property in the United Arab Emirates.

The bank has teamed up with mortgage adviser firm John Charcol as part of the venture. The bank is one of the leading providers of mortgages in the United Arab Emirates, and is also one of the leading banks in Dubai. The bank will offer both new mortgages to those wishing to purchase property in the UAE and will offer remortgages to those that already have property there and wish to get a better deal.

Suvo Sarkar, Group Head – Retail Banking, National bank of Dubai, stated: "Today’s announcement represents NBD’s continuing commitment to the mortgage business in the UAE. As one of the leading retail banks in the country, this tie up with a John Charcol is part of NBD’s innovative approach to providing flexible products to a maturing home finance market, and to diversifying our customer base."

An official from John Charcol added: " This is an exciting advance for us. We are delighted to be working with NBD on delivering another innovative and unique solution for UK residents and their financial needs. It’s a great start to our new operation which will be opening in Dubai shortly and represents our first overseas expansion."

UK buyers will have the support and advise of officials from John Charcol when planning to purchase property in the UAE, and can then enjoy getting the finance required from a leading bank, the National Bank of Dubai, to enable them to purchase their chosen property.

Tom Smith
24th July 2007

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