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Student Loans Discrepancies

Student loans have recently came under the spot light, after a former student called Gina Turner, had the princely of £564 from her account for a loan that was paid off between four and five years ago, leading to student loans being checked for any other discrepancies this way, by experts who were going to check the accounts of it’s £3.2 million other customers, trying to make sure they can avoid it in the future.

Though apologies have came from the Student Loans Company Limited, the spokesman has came away with the usual computer glitch excuse, always easy to blame something that can’t answer back and can’t input the details by it’s self.

The fact that Gina Turner was hit with the worry of finding out that her account was hugely overdrawn; this led her to contact her bank to find out why this had happened, and with further investigation, found that the payment of £564 was removed from her personal account, this should never have happened and if it had happened the other way around and Gina thought that she had paid the cash and hadn’t, no doubt she would be looking at charges to her account.

This can surely not be acceptable an simply written off as a glitch, to someone who paid off a student loan in the region of £2000, more than four years ago, which she had the good grace to pay off early, so that she could apply for a mortgage. When she contacted the Student Loans Company Limited she was told that it would take three working days for her to receive her money back and when she had asked for payment for any charges that had incurred due to this computer glitch, she was told that she had to supply any proof of this happening, surely this should be done automatically by THEM as a way of making right their own wrongs.

The Student Loans Company Limited also said that it had also had two other cases of this happening and the Glasgow based company had more ready excuses, by blaming the end of year accounts had caused the mix-up and a mixture of other circumstances.



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