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Couple’s Financial Problems

Hands up all of those who have had an argument with his or her spouse on the subject of money. Quite a few I would imagine and recent figures released after research by Hfs Loans finds that a quarter of all young British couples will have already had money problems that have led to squabbles.

And with the speedy rise in the cost of the housing market, being able to start on the right footing and getting on the first rung of the property ladder, has become all the more expensive and harder for a lot of you couples to set up their new lives together.

Getting your finances together, after years of doing it your own way, can lead to tempers becoming frayed and paying off one debt maybe a lot easier to do than the others, with someone having to do without because of their partners debt, that was there before they got married. So sorting them out could mean falling out.

Despite all the stresses and fights that this may cause, less than a quarter of all coupes who have decided to spend their lives together, don’t have their finances in order before they decide to live together and even after moving in to a home together many are still not as forth coming with their finances as they should be, with almost half of all couples still keeping their separate bank accounts and if a bonus was to come their way at work, 20% would be devious to spend it all on themselves.

Household finances are also a bane of contention with some and in many cases the couple can not agree on were is best to direct what cash is coming into the home and to decide what they should cut back on and what to put more to in other expenditure.

All relationships when it comes to living together and setting out to remain that way, should be made with the trust that what ever earnings that are coming into the home should be pooled together for the good of the couple and not just for the individual, because knowing were you both stand financially, will then stand you in good stead for applying for loans or a mortgage that could see your self’s improving your way of life.

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